Rome. Was. Incredible.

It’s such a rich city because there are so many things to see, it’s almost impossible to do it all in a day!

But here are just some of the beautiful things I saw!


The Pantheon


That big hole in the ceiling of the Pantheon that lets all rain and precipitation in but like no one seems to freak out about it.


Me in front of a building!


The Fountain of Trevi


Me in front of another building!


A photo of me taking a photo of a building! –This one is St. Peter’s Basilica. SO BUMMED I couldn’t go inside. The line was 3 hours long and, well, I needed to see the Colosseum.


Roman ruins!


Inside the Colosseum! Hundreds of thousands of people died here but I was thriving.


We all know this one.


A little taste test after a long day of walking and seeing the sights!




30 thoughts on “Rome”

    1. Awh you’re welcome, and thanks so much for checking out my blog! My travels have been very fun and I love documenting the experiences to make the memories last a little longer. Thank you for subscribing!!


      1. I will at some point it’s on my bucket list! And thank you for following my page hope I get some feedback from you!! 💕💕 keep being awsome!


      1. I have been to Italy and stayed at Lake Garda and spent one day in Venice and also near the Dolomites. I would love to see Rome, Naples and Sorrento next time

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