Loving My Body For Its Potential

THIS, my friends, is the KEY to loving your body at ANY stage in your life.

I pretty much always have a positive self-image. I say pretty much always, because I have to allow for the fact that I’m sure I am one with the masses and have a weak day every once in a while, but to be honest, I cannot remember the last time I did not like my body.

Here’s the thing, I don’t delude myself and say “Wow, I have the fittest, strongest, thinnest, most radiant body ever known to man!” I don’t even say “All of my clothes fit my body perfectly all the time!”

Nope, I look at my body, and think “Wow, I think I look beautiful. I have certain areas that I would like to tone, or maybe some fat that I would like to lose, but I know that my body could do it if I really wanted to. I’m grateful that my body is my decision.”

Our bodies, with minor limitations, can be what we want them to be. Whether I feel a little bloated one day, I still love my body because I know that I won’t be bloated the next day. Even if I’ve gained a couple pounds, I know that it’s because of my eating habits, and that I can eat healthy to undo it. I know that my body does everything I need it to, it is healthy, beautiful, and treats me well when I treat it well.

If I ask my friends “Hey, do I look fat in this shirt?” They tend to think it’s me having a negative body image. That’s not true! I feel completely confident, but I know that my weight can fluctuate, and I want my clothes to fit the body that I have at the moment! So what I’m really saying is “Hey, I’ve gained a couple pounds, is this shirt the right one to wear today?–Or should I save it for when I go back to the smaller weight?” I want to flatter my body with the right outfits, which can change depending on the day!

No matter your size, you can make decisions on how to best frame your body with clothing, how to eat healthy, how to exercise, and make your body what you want it to be. Love yourself for what you are, what you have been, and what you can become.



PS. My boyfriend loves my body too, as I’m sure all of your boyfriends love your bodies. ❤ 🙂


21 thoughts on “Loving My Body For Its Potential”

  1. I used to be fat, and very self-conscious about my body. I was confident about certain parts of it, such as my shoulders, forearms, legs, etc. But I’d always be dressing with the aim of hiding my self-perceived flaws. I thought life would be perfect if I was skinny. Skinny people had it made, I believed. Well, now I am, having shed 100lbs, and the same people who nitpicked me about being fat ask me questions like “are you sick? What’s wrong with you?” I’m starting to realize that the only opinion on my body that truly matters is my own.

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