Using Pinterest to Decorate

My wall needed a little sprucing up, because it was absolutely bare for about 2 months and I needed to renovate my life. Nothing renovates your life like taping some pictures up to your wall. Check it out!


I literally adore the aesthetic, I have little lights underneath them, so when I’m tucking myself into bed with a book, I keep the lights on and have total cuteness and ambiance all around me. It totally boosts my mood!

All it takes is searching for a certain theme of picture. I looked up “flatlays,” travel, elegance, decorations, etc. and picked photos that I knew would all go together. Some of the pics that are not shown are:


If you love any of these, or want to see more (I have over 100), check out my Photos To Print For My Wall Pinterest page!

How do you decorate? I’m always looking for ideas! 🙂



12 thoughts on “Using Pinterest to Decorate”

  1. I go to Pinterest for everything. We just bought a new house and want to paint/decorate to make it our home. I definitely have a board on Pinterest just for this. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Very nice collection! I like putting up posters and knickknacks we collect on our travels. We took a really nice picture of a lake and waterfall in New Zealand as a panoramic photo. We blew it up into a canvas and hung it over our bed. It’s such a zen feeling to have it with us all the time!

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