Week 5 of Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines

Monday: Legs and Cardio

This workout went really well! I’m starting a new set of weeks, so I had not yet done this workout. My usual 10 burpees was bumped up to 15 burpees, and I must say, it’s tough!! I’m really proud of myself though, because I know those will be easy for me by the end of this week (or next). I used to not be able to complete the full 10! Also, I HATE walking lunges. HATE THEM. I dread them every single time. I don’t know why, they’re not the WORST things in the world, but I do think they suck.

Tuesday: LISS or HIIT

So I’m a fighter and found superhuman energy in myself and hung out on the elliptical for an hour. Just chilling, burning 770 cals, listening to this new audiobook I found. Not sure if I like it yet–it’s called How to American: An Immigrant’s Guide to Disappointing Your Parents. It’s by Jimmy O. Yang — a comedian. I like listening to funny things to get me through the pain, you know? Kind of like when my boyfriend had to watch Vines when we (attempted) waxing his back. Waxing…My Boyfriend LOL.

Wednesday: Arms and Abs

Okay yes in contrast to yesterday, I’m an absolute WUSS. When it says “Do pushups!” I do them on my knees. When I’m doing commandos, I do them on my knees. So I’m at week 5 here and still not doing real pushups! Agh! I’m proud of myself for doing fake ones, but I feel like I should try to start doing the real exercises that I’m told to do, without cheating.

Thursday: LISS or HIIT

I’m thrilled that both my arms and abs are sore!! That doesn’t always happen after my arm/ab workouts! I love when my abs are sore, it makes me feel like I have a tight, killer bod even if that’s not the case at all and it’s just that my muscles are screaming.

Friday: Abs and Cardio

Alright so this is a change-up. Usually we have Total Body for this day, but here we are, trying to destroy the abs again, which are STILL SORE from Wednesday. This workout was NOT horrible. Granted, I sort of did slightly easier moves a couple times. Instead of having my legs elevated for some sit ups, I had them on the ground. And I should have used weights instead of a medicine ball for bent knee jackknives. HOWEVER! I’m still quite proud of myself and the fact that I have now increased to 4 sets of 15 burpees. Go me! (The burpees don’t have a pushup but like leave me alone)

Saturday: LISS or HIIT

My body is so tired. So dead. Doesn’t want to move or do anything. I’m going to do my stretching and relaxing today, and go on a long walk tomorrow while I call all of my friends and family for easter!

Sunday: Yoga

Went on about an hour long walk. It felt amazing, I could have kept going, but I had other things to do. I’m so so ready for the next week of challenges. I can’t believe I’m almost technically half-way done!!!




2 thoughts on “Week 5 of Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines”

  1. I’ve gone on those hour long walks by the beach. It’s so easy to keep going when the scenery is beautiful. There are times that I could’ve kept going to but I had to be an adult and accomplish other things as well, lol. You’ve made me want to grab a bikini and gym shoes and head out.

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