Week 7 of Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines

Monday: Legs and Cardio

I am a goddess. My legs are burning, but I’m powering through this workout. I will not leave the gym until every exercise is completed. No cutting corners, I’m doing this!!

Well, I cut one corner, I didn’t use weights for my walking lunges. I just did regular ones. Those kill me. Leave me alone.

Tuesday: LISS or HIIT

My legs are sore, I’m feeling weak, but let’s go for a grand 60 minutes on the elliptical!! That’s right! Burned over 700 calories. Woo!

Wednesday: Arms and Abs

This is not my strong suit. I hate the *8 rounds of 10 mountain climbers + 2 pushups.* No. Absolutely not! So I do a quick 80 mountain climbers and forget the pushups. Not gonna lie, it kills, but it kills less than the real exercise. I powered through this workout. I was super sweaty, but super happy. I did well. Also, I suck at commandos. I try to do them better each time but I really am terrible. Working on that, folks!

Thursday: LISS or HIIT

I feel ENERGIZED! I can already tell this is going to be a great workout! Another 700 calories burned, I feel awesome. Go me! I love listening to podcasts and watching Netflix for an hour while exercising!

Friday: Abs and Cardio

Here we go with those abs again, mine are still sore from Wednesday but we can do this, right? (Me talking to my one ab). This exercise wasn’t really hard for me! The burpees were the worst part, and the ab bikes were tough, but I’m getting better at those, so really, I have no fear.

Saturday: LISS or HIIT

I’m feeling weak. Did I eat enough? Not sure. Probably not. So I’m going to chow down after another hour on the elliptical. I don’t ever want to feel weak, I always want to feed my body enough. That is incredibly important to me. If I don’t eat enough, I’ll binge later, and that is something I never want to experience again. So I had a little bit of a lighter workout, but the elliptical and I are still besties, I’m not seeing any other exercise equipment right now, I’d say I’m exclusive with the elliptical.

Sunday: Yoga

Day of rest. Absolutely lovely. Ate a giant chocolate chip pancake that I really didn’t need and got a stomach ache, but I don’t regret it because I let myself do stuff like this. It’s actually cool to see my body react to unhealthy food now, because I used to not be able to tell how foods affected my body. But now that I eat really well, I can see the difference.





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