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I Created a YouTube Channel?!

Hey everyone! It has been SO long since I posted on here. But I want you all to know that my brain is still buzzing with ideas about ways I can help people improve their overall happiness with perspective shifts and healthier lifestyles.

I took a long hiatus because sometimes I wonder what authority I have, as a 21 year old college student, to give people advice. How on earth is my opinion valid enough to share with over a thousand followers?

But I have come out the other side, trusting myself more, understanding the value of my ideas and knowing that people, even in my personal life, have begun to view me in certain ways as a role model.

With this newfound confidence, I’m ready to share my voice again with you all. That being said, I am trying to incorporate a new platform to help me reach more people– you guessed it, (and also knew from the title), I’m using YouTube.

I just published my first video and I am so so excited to really learn how to edit videos, thumbnails, figure out the best lighting, and create great content that can reach people.

But I really really need you all. I can’t do it without your support. If any of you have found this blog and like what you read and think that other people should see it too, please please reblog this post, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and share my videos.

I just published my first one, and I have a giant list of future messages I can’t wait to share.

Please go like, comment, and subscribe! YouTube Channel!

Love you all,

Monte ❤


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