Healthy Grocery Haul! — only $80!!

Hello everybody!

As a senior in college who is experiencing apartment living for the first time (besides living in Italy but that was a whole other ball game), I’m discovering the new world of buying groceries and cooking for myself. It’s a fun adventure, but I’m definitely navigating how to eat healthy without breaking the bank. Now that money is a factor into my eating decisions, I’m struggling with turning down unhealthy food when it’s listed as *free.* So when I do spend money on groceries, I’m making a very conscious effort to make sure they’re healthy!

I went to the grocery store two nights ago and spent a grand total of $80 on 2 weeks of groceries! Here is the receipt of everything that I got:


For more of a detailed description of all the items and how I like to cook them, check out my latest YouTube video: How to Eat Healthy on a Budget.


While I’ve really mastered how to buy healthy groceries, I’m so struggling with attending campus events that offer free pizza, or working at Olive Garden and wanting to eat all the free food I get even though it’s horrible for me.

So what I’d love to know from you guys is: How do you handle free food? What do you do at buffets, or when people offer to share sweets with you? What’s your mentality?

Thank you for reading and watching the YouTube video, please comment any answers to my question! ❤






3 thoughts on “Healthy Grocery Haul! — only $80!!”

  1. Finally just saw the YouTube video . Thanks for the info on how to cut the pineapple and how to tell if it’s ripe. I usually just get the all ready cut up fruit. Love Brussels Sprouts and you know how I feel about asparagus . Shrimp, scallops, salmon even bacon or prosciutto with it.


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