My First Big Girl Interview — and how to succeed at interviews

I am feeling so many things right now–I just had my first interview for a real job for after I graduate! Here’s what happened:

  1. I had gone to a career fair on campus, readily equipped with 20 copies of my resume.
  2. I poked around to various booths and walked up to one for Belk (clothing company) because I thought their booth looked super cute, and I had never heard of them before.
  3. I chatted with one of the recruiters, and she told me she didn’t have job openings for people in my field. We had a great conversation going so I ended up giving her my resume anyway and she gave me her email address on a business card. I did not expect to hear from them again.
  4. A week later, I received an email from Belk Campus Recruiters saying that they liked my resume and would like to pull me in for an interview! I was able to sign up for a slot, and chose October 1 at 11:30 a.m.
  5. Then, I had to prepare–but how could I prepare for a job that didn’t have openings for me? I didn’t know what position they were interviewing me for. But I decided that this was PERFECT. It meant I had no expectations and could therefore not be disappointed, so I’d be able to stroll on into my interview with tons of accomplishments and charisma but without the nerves–a perfect recipe for interview success! (Right?… or wrong…?)

Day of the interview

The email said dress for a casual work environment, so I grabbed a blouse, my black skinny jeans, belt and heeled booties. My hair was curled, makeup naturally done, and jewelry in tact.


I fueled myself with a healthy breakfast of avocado toast (check out these avocados!), raspberries and mango. Yummm.


Then I left super super early to get there, so I could find the place and reflect on everything I could talk about, and prepare for potential questions thrown my way. I had the PERFECT answer for any weaknesses I have but unfortunately I wasn’t asked that question :/

Then, time for the interview!

I followed all of the advice I’ve ever received for a successful interview, and in that regard, I’m super proud of my answers and how it all went. Check out my tips for a successful interview! How to Prepare for an Interview — 6 Tips

The only thing that didn’t go well, was that there was still the issue that there didn’t seem to be a job for me–I wasn’t sure what they were interviewing me for! The woman suggested that I look for their postings for e-commerce jobs and digital marketing jobs, but never told me what job that specific interview was for. So that’s interesting…

The next step:

The next step that everyone should take that will hopefully help me gain clarity into what to expect or what this was all about– I am going to send a follow-up thank you email to the woman who interviewed me, thanking her for the experience.

What are your interview tips? I’d love to hear!



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