Using Pinterest to Decorate

My wall needed a little sprucing up, because it was absolutely bare for about 2 months and I needed to renovate my life. Nothing renovates your life like taping some pictures up to your wall. Check it out! I literally adore the aesthetic, I have little lights underneath them, so when I'm tucking myself into… Continue reading Using Pinterest to Decorate


My Thoughts About Social Media

I was interviewed today about my perception on social media in regards to how it affects relationships. I didn't realize I had thoughts about this, but it turns out I have plenty of thoughts. So here we go. I think that if you are in a place where you need to police your significant other's… Continue reading My Thoughts About Social Media

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Cool Venues: The Moringa tree

"What's a moringa?" -- my boyfriend asks once we sit inside. "Um, I'm guessing it's a TREE" -- What I wish I had the common sense to say before we both googled it. Yeah, it's a tree. That makes sense. Hence the name of the store. Anyways, super cute place! All organic health food! Not… Continue reading Cool Venues: The Moringa tree


Having Different Mannerisms With Different People

I've noticed, in myself and others, that people can essentially make a 180 with their personalities depending who they're talking to and what environment they're in. I have a "mature, adult voice" when speaking with my mom's colleagues. I had a "GIRRRLLL whachu talkin' bout!!" (in the absolute whitest way possible) with my coworkers when… Continue reading Having Different Mannerisms With Different People

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Coolest Venues: Evil Czech Brewery

Wow I wish I had been blogging when I was in Italy for a semester because, man, there were adorable places like this EVERYWHERE. But here I am, back in my hometown, looking for good places to go. My boyfriend and I LOVED this one. Welcome to Evil Czech Brewery: The building has this awesome,… Continue reading Coolest Venues: Evil Czech Brewery



Rome. Was. Incredible. It's such a rich city because there are so many things to see, it's almost impossible to do it all in a day! But here are just some of the beautiful things I saw! The Pantheon That big hole in the ceiling of the Pantheon that lets all rain and precipitation in… Continue reading Rome


The Bachelor Finale — Why Arie is the Most Controversial Bachelor in History

Me getting through this Bachelor Finale:   Summary of Lauren meeting Arie's family: Okay so Arie's family asks "Are you able to talk to Lauren? Like can you talk with her for hours and hours?" and he's like "Right, yeah, great question! Ummm........" Summary of Becca meeting Arie's family: "Right off the bat, Becca was… Continue reading The Bachelor Finale — Why Arie is the Most Controversial Bachelor in History



Venice. Was. Amazing. Like, how could you not be obsessed with it?! My boyfriend and I visited and just toured around. We looked for the top places to visit in Venice and tried to make it to a couple of the best ones, and based on the pics, I think we found some good places.… Continue reading Venice


I’m No Fashionista, but I KNOW That’s Ugly — My List of the Best and Worst Dressed at the Oscars

I think some of these worst-dressed girls literally did it on purpose just to get some publicity because no one in their right mind would wear some of these things. I'm starting with worst 'cause worst is more amusing! --These are all my own opinions, didn't steal any from other websites! Worst Tara Stinson --… Continue reading I’m No Fashionista, but I KNOW That’s Ugly — My List of the Best and Worst Dressed at the Oscars


My 10 Favorite Experiences In Niagara Falls, Canada

Two Summers ago I went to visit Niagara Falls for the first time, on the Canadian side. Needless to say, I already want to go back. For anyone who has not yet visited or wants to go get a fuller experience, I highly recommend these 10 activities and attractions. All of the pictures containing water… Continue reading My 10 Favorite Experiences In Niagara Falls, Canada