Having Different Mannerisms With Different People

I've noticed, in myself and others, that people can essentially make a 180 with their personalities depending who they're talking to and what environment they're in. I have a "mature, adult voice" when speaking with my mom's colleagues. I had a "GIRRRLLL whachu talkin' bout!!" (in the absolute whitest way possible) with my coworkers when… Continue reading Having Different Mannerisms With Different People



Rome. Was. Incredible. It's such a rich city because there are so many things to see, it's almost impossible to do it all in a day! But here are just some of the beautiful things I saw! The Pantheon That big hole in the ceiling of the Pantheon that lets all rain and precipitation in… Continue reading Rome



Venice. Was. Amazing. Like, how could you not be obsessed with it?! My boyfriend and I visited and just toured around. We looked for the top places to visit in Venice and tried to make it to a couple of the best ones, and based on the pics, I think we found some good places.… Continue reading Venice


Thessaloniki, Greece

My boyfriend, Tyler, came to visit me when I was living in Italy. His birthday fell during the first weekend when we were together, and I decided to give him the birthday gift of a trip to Greece! My budget didn't allow us to go to Athens, but we went to the next biggest city… Continue reading Thessaloniki, Greece


10 Things I Learned From Studying In Italy For A Semester

1. Loneliness Studying abroad is an adventure, but it's one that you take on relatively alone. Hello new culture but goodbye family, goodbye friends. You have to start fresh, and if you have only a basic understanding of the language, it will take time to acquire even basic social skills. I had to learn how to tackle… Continue reading 10 Things I Learned From Studying In Italy For A Semester