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Cool Venues: The Moringa tree

"What's a moringa?" -- my boyfriend asks once we sit inside. "Um, I'm guessing it's a TREE" -- What I wish I had the common sense to say before we both googled it. Yeah, it's a tree. That makes sense. Hence the name of the store. Anyways, super cute place! All organic health food! Not… Continue reading Cool Venues: The Moringa tree

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Cooking (THE BEST) Lasagna Recipe with my Boyfriend

SPRING BREAK is upon us. My boyfriend and I wanted to celebrate our 7 month-anniversary by making some homemade lasagna. We found this recipe Online and absolutely killed it. We deserve our own cooking show for this. Watch and learn. We went on a shopping trip and picked out some ingredients and an onion that looks like… Continue reading Cooking (THE BEST) Lasagna Recipe with my Boyfriend


Thessaloniki, Greece

My boyfriend, Tyler, came to visit me when I was living in Italy. His birthday fell during the first weekend when we were together, and I decided to give him the birthday gift of a trip to Greece! My budget didn't allow us to go to Athens, but we went to the next biggest city… Continue reading Thessaloniki, Greece


My 15 Tips for a Successful Long-Distance Relationship

People have always told me that long distance relationships are hard–don’t do them. However, I found someone who I didn’t want to let go of even though I would be 4000 miles away, so lo and behold I would have to navigate the dreaded LDR (Long-Distance Relationship). I’m going to say something right now that… Continue reading My 15 Tips for a Successful Long-Distance Relationship


Grandmotherly Advice

While playing hours upon hours of card games with Gramma, it occurred to me once again that she had aged quite gracefully. Wishing to bottle some of that grace up for myself, I asked her for tidbits of all kinds of advice. Over a game of Canasta, she told me about Beauty, Love, Family, Kindness,… Continue reading Grandmotherly Advice


10 Things I Learned From Studying In Italy For A Semester

1. Loneliness Studying abroad is an adventure, but it's one that you take on relatively alone. Hello new culture but goodbye family, goodbye friends. You have to start fresh, and if you have only a basic understanding of the language, it will take time to acquire even basic social skills. I had to learn how to tackle… Continue reading 10 Things I Learned From Studying In Italy For A Semester