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I Created a YouTube Channel?!

Hey everyone! It has been SO long since I posted on here. But I want you all to know that my brain is still buzzing with ideas about ways I can help people improve their overall happiness with perspective shifts and healthier lifestyles. I took a long hiatus because sometimes I wonder what authority I… Continue reading I Created a YouTube Channel?!


Positive Self-Talk to Boost my Mood

Monte, (yes I'm addressing this to myself because this post is not about you all, it's about me) You're killing the game. It doesn't always feel like that because sometimes you feel like you could be doing more, and so you always look for other ways to fill your time, and then feel bad when… Continue reading Positive Self-Talk to Boost my Mood

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Waxing…My Boyfriend

DON'T DO IT. This was a traumatizing experience for all involved. My boyfriend is kind of a handsome grizzly type--hair. everywhere. So he wanted to do a little personal grooming and get the hair off his back. Me, being the girlfriend of the year that I am, said that even though I don't have personal… Continue reading Waxing…My Boyfriend


Week 2 of Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines

Monday: Legs and Cardio I was really looking forward to this workout! And thennn it was really tough. I think things have gotten easier for me already, but that could be because I'm finding physical ways to cheat the system--like not lunging low enough or trying to speed up my jump squats instead of making… Continue reading Week 2 of Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines