My First Big Girl Interview — and how to succeed at interviews

I am feeling so many things right now--I just had my first interview for a real job for after I graduate! Here's what happened: I had gone to a career fair on campus, readily equipped with 20 copies of my resume. I poked around to various booths and walked up to one for Belk (clothing… Continue reading My First Big Girl Interview — and how to succeed at interviews

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Eating Clean: Salmon and Asparagus

Hey guys! Today for lunch I made one of my absolute favorite lunches: salmon and asparagus. I love it because it's so freaking delicious and one of the easiest things I've ever made. I find it easier to make than a sandwich, for REAL. My salmon comes out so tender and flaky in the BEST… Continue reading Eating Clean: Salmon and Asparagus


Healthy Grocery Haul! — only $80!!

2 weeks of healthy groceries for only $80! See what I got!


Burn 1000 Calories on the Elliptical – (YouTube Video Included)

I do this thing, this wild crazy thing where I burn 1000 calories on the elliptical 3 times a week. You're thinking to yourself, what? Why? Excuse you? How long does that take? Don't worry, I have answers to your questions! Check out my latest YouTube video ❤